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Laser Hair Removal Post-Treatment Instructions

Non-ablative laser, light or energy-based treatment is a non-invasive, in-office treatment. The following instructions are your obligations. Included are normal experiences and observations of treatment.

Following your treatment

  • Your skin may be irritated or red, and feel as though you have a mild sunburn. To alleviate any redness or discomfort, you may apply cool, not cold compresses to the treatment site. Do not apply ice or anything frozen directly to the skin. Apply cool compresses for no longer than 20-minute intervals. Soothing gels and creams may also be applied as recommended.
  • Flaking and crusting may occur.Do not exfoliate aggressively or attempt to remove any crusting. If you experience any open wounds, contact our office immediately.
  • Maintain hydration. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic, caffeine-free and sodium free beverages, and keep skin well hydrated as directed.
  • Cleanse and treat your skin as prescribed. Follow the directions you are given for your skin conditions and goals. Proper skincare is essential to support the effects of your resurfacing treatment.
  • No sun exposure. Sun exposure must be completely avoided for a minimum of 3 days post treatment. After this time good sun protection is essential. If you are outdoors, apply at least an SPF 30 at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, re-apply every 1 to 2 hours, and wear protective clothing. Following laser, light or energy based treatment of any kind, your skin is highly susceptible to sunburn or the formation of irregular, darkened pigmentation. Therefore, sun protection is required for life to maintain the results you have achieved.

Follow-up as directed.

  • Your treatment may require several treatments over many weeks to achieve your results. Additional appointments are usually between four to six weeks apart.
  • Results may not be visible after each treatment, but may gradually develop in the weeks that follow. Therefore, it is essential that your progress be monitored throughout your treatment cycle.
  • Keep your appointments as directed. Call our office at least 3 business days in advance if you must reschedule.

A one-year post treatment follow-up is recommended. However, you may call our office at any time with your concerns or for needed follow-up. Touch-up procedures may be needed on an annual basis or as recommended to maintain your results.

Your skin will change as you age. Contact our office with any of your questions or concerns, at any time.

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