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Is Breast Augmentation For You?

During the initial consultation, it is important for your doctor to have the thorough knowledge of your medical history especially any history of breast disease, symptoms related to the breasts such as pain, lumps, nipple discharge, etc. and any significant family history of breast cancer. If in the appropriate age group, your surgeon might also recommend that you have a mammogram prior to your surgery. History of smoking, which might affect healing, or taking medications that might influence your blood clotting is also important issues to consider when planning surgery. In deciding which size breast implants to use, your surgeon will need information from you as to which look you are trying to achieve. Every woman is of a different body shape and size and has different desires and expectations. There are certain guidelines and techniques that can be utilized to help the surgeon and you arrive at an implant size that is right for you.

Understanding The Surgery

Augmentation mammaplasty is usually an ambulatory procedure and can be performed in a hospital, same-day surgery center, or office OR setting. It can also be done under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will discuss these options with you. No matter which incision the surgeon decides to use, the rest of the surgery involves the dissection of a pocket into which the implant will be placed. The pocket will be dissected just behind your breast and here there are two options as well. The pocket can be made just behind your breast tissue but superficial to the chest muscles (pectoralis muscle). This implant placement is said to be sub glandular. Another option is to make the pocket deep or behind the pectoralis muscle in what is called a subpectoral placement. There is some literature to suggest that placement of the implants in the subpectoral position might lead to a decrease in one of the potential postoperative complications of this procedure, capsular contracture.

What To Expect After Surgery

Breast augmentation is usually done on an outpatient basis and the patient is discharged home the same day as the surgery, once she has recovered from the anesthesia. The surgeon will sometimes place a wrap around the breasts or place a special brazier to keep the implants in the desired position. Usually, there is significant soreness for the first two to three days which can be controlled with pain medication. The surgeon might ask you to take off the wrap around the chest in about 48 hours or you might be asked to leave it until you come to the office for a follow-up visit. Depending on which sutures are used, these might have to be taken out at the post-op visit or they might dissolve on their own.

Real Patient Stories

Saw Dr. Perez for breast augmentation! Highly recommended, knowledgeable and skilled surgeon. Extremely pleased with results!! -Charlotte L.

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The New You

Breast implant surgery, when done for the proper indications on the appropriate patient, yields excellent results. You will be able to enjoy breasts that are better proportioned to your body and will give you a more feminine and enhanced figure. If satisfied with the results, you can anticipate feeling better about yourself, with the added self-confidence that your new look will bring. A personal consultation with your plastic surgeon is the best way to gain information about your particular complaint, and about potential treatment options to address the same.

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