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How to Manage Your Pain After Breast Augmentation

Finally, you completed your breast augmentation surgery and your breasts look amazing. However, your chest hurts because of the pain that happens after this procedure is completed. Don’t be discouraged; the plastic surgeons at Mosa Surgery can help you to manage your pain. The following tips are recommended for helping you with your recovery.

Get a Pain Pump Placed into your Breast Area

Pain pumps are useful for alleviating pain after your breast surgery. This is a medical device that can easily be inserted into your body during your procedure. Once your surgery is over, a button is pushed, and the pain pumps intermittently sends numbing medication throughout your breasts and chest area. This device helps patients to heal faster and it is normally removed between 2–3 days after surgery.

Sleep and Sit with your Chest Raised in the Air

After surgery, it is highly recommended that you sleep in an elevated position. You can use special pillows to prop up your back. If you have an adjustable bed, then you can also position it to keep your back elevated. When you sleep in a raised position, it will help to ease the pain in your chest more effectively.

Movement and Stretching Helps to Control Breast Pain

You should move your arms around to reduce the stiffness you normally feel after breast surgery. A small amount of movement will allow you to reduce some of the pain. Slightly stretching your arms also provides the same benefit. Remember that you can do arm circles, corner chest stretches and shoulder rolls. Doctors recommend that you do these exercises for at least half an hour per day. They have been proven to help people to get rid of chest pain.

Take Anti-Inflammatory Medications to Control Pain

Plastic surgeons also provide patients with anti-inflammatory medications if they can tolerate them. This medication will provide pain relief by reducing the swelling in your muscles and easing pain throughout your chest area. These drugs are effective for this purpose. However, they might cause more bleeding. This is why a surgeon must determine if a patient is able to use them.

A Support Bra can Help with Pain

Your breasts will also heal better if you wear a support bra. Support bras will help to hold your breasts in place. This will help to get rid of the pain by reducing excessive motion in your breast area. Surgeons will recommend that you wear a good support bra for a few weeks to get the best pain-relieving results.

Ice will Help Manage Breast Pain

Icing your breasts after breast surgery augmentation is a normal part of after surgery care. Most breast augmentation patients ice their chest area frequently for at least 48 to 72 hours after their procedure. Icing constricts vessels and tissues and keeps painful sensations from becoming to extreme.

These pain relieving tips from Mosa Plastic Surgery will help you to experience less pain while you enjoy your fantastic new breasts.

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