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What is Gynecomastia and How is it Treated?

There are different standards of body types for women and men. Women are known for having nice round curves and shapely breasts. While men are known for being lean and chiseled with a flat chest. When a man’s breast tissue becomes enlarged and starts to replicate the look of female breasts, this is called gynecomastia.

Why Do Men Get Gynecomastia?

There are a lot of different factors that play into men who get gynecomastia. The main cause of gynecomastia is a hormone imbalance. Researchers say that estrogen-androgen imbalance causes breast tissue development. This condition is often seen in young boys who are going through puberty, as their hormones are changing. Typically, gynecomastia goes away on its own for these adolescents. In adult men, persistent gynecomastia needs surgical intervention. Other causes of gynecomastia are marijuana abuse, steroid misuse, and genetics.

How is Gynecomastia Treated?

For men who are dealing with persistent gynecomastia, they can feel self-conscious and embarrassed by their appearance. To treat this, it is important that the surgeon understands the underlying cause of gynecomastia. Once the cause is determined, proper treatment can be found. Male breast reduction surgery helps to address gynecomastia and improve the chest contours in men.

Male Breast Reduction

This surgery helps to remove the excess tissue and re-create the masculine chest contours that have been missing. This surgery uses liposuction to remove the excess fatty tissue through a small incision. The surgeon will also excise glandular tissue, fat, and skin from around the areola and the breast. They will then contour the skin to fit the new shape. There are various techniques that can be done in this surgery. At a consultation appointment, the male breast reduction surgeon will pick the best techniques based on the amount of breast tissue and the severity of reduction.

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