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Liposuction & Body Contouring for Men

Plastic surgery is an increasingly popular option for men to get the face and body they want. Different procedures can address a variety of concerns and help you achieve the masculine ideal you most want to emulate. Our team at Mosa helps men get their ideal look through our various procedures.

Body Contouring and Liposuction

An ideal male body has toned muscles, an athletic physique, broad shoulders, a broad chest, a narrow hip-to-thigh area, and a flat abdomen. But most everyday men don’t look like the models on the covers of fitness magazines. Aging causes a natural accumulation of fat around the stomach, hips, neck, chin, and the breasts. Enlarged breasts in men is a medical condition referred to as gynecomastia.

The first means of shaping your body is always to participate in diet and exercise. But these things might not address every single aspect of your body that you want changed. There are some fat deposits that can’t be exercised or dieted away no matter how hard you work or which muscles you use. When this is the case, you might be a candidate for liposuction.

Liposuction Can Be Very Effective Alone

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that safely and efficiently removes fatty areas, leaving the area toned and smoothed. For men, it’s possible that liposuction alone is all you need to meet your ultimate body goal. Men’s skin tends to stay elastic for longer than women’s, which means that it’s not prone to sagging and wrinkles. In addition, the fatty areas below the skin are usually more vascular and firmer than the ones found in women.

When Body Contouring Can Help

Some men will benefit from additional body contouring procedures on top of the liposuction. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, your skin might be sagging and loose. Older men are also more likely to have loose skin. When your skin isn’t elastic and toned, you won’t get the body you want even if you completely eliminate all the areas of fat.

To provide contouring, a surgeon might perform a traditional excision to remove the unnecessary skin. The remaining skin is tight and toned across the body. If you have gynecomastia that has caused excess skin around your breast area, traditional excision is also an option to correct this.

Other Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Men Can Get Tummy Tucks, Too

Men with hanging abdominal skin from weight loss, neglected hernias, and loose abdominal muscles might get a complete abdominoplasty. In addition to removing fat, excising skin, and contouring the body, the surgery involves repositioning and repairing the abdominal muscles.

Muscle Contouring

You can improve your body’s muscular appearance with sculpting techniques and cosmetic implants. While calf implants were designed for victims of muscle atrophy, they’re sometimes used for purely cosmetic purposes in able-bodied patients. The same is true of pectoral implants. Abdominal etching is a new technique that can create a rippling effect on the abdomen.


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