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Why is it so difficult to get a 6 pack?

Six-pack abs are a highly coveted feature, but most people, even fit, active people, don’t have a six-pack. If you’re into fitness or you’re working on shaping up for swimsuit season, you may have wondered how you can get a six-pack yourself, or whether it’s even possible for you. The truth is that six-pack abs are quite difficult to get, and your genetic body fat distribution may determine whether or not you are able to get one on your own. Keep reading to learn more about how you can increase your odds of getting tight, defined abdominal muscles.

Six-Pack Abs Are Revealed, Not Built

If you’ve been doing ab exercises to try to build up your six-pack, relax. There’s no need to do a million crunches in order to get abdominal muscles. In fact, you’ve already got a six-pack, because that’s the way your existing abdominal muscles are shaped. If you can’t see any muscle definition in your abs, that simply means your six-pack is hidden by a layer of abdominal fat.

Even a little bit of abdominal fat can make your six-pack completely invisible. Unfortunately, a lot of people, both women and men, tend to gain weight in their stomach and torso. This makes it very difficult for most people to achieve and maintain the degree of leanness that allows a six-pack to show up. Of course, just because getting toned abs is difficult does not mean it’s impossible. However, you should expect to invest a lot of time and effort into your six-pack if you are serious about getting one.

This doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to work on your core muscles. When you exercise your core muscles regularly, you’ll have better posture, be less likely to injure yourself, and be in better health all around. In fact, having a strong core may be a healthier and more realistic goal for many people than maintaining a six-pack year-round. But since it’s not possible to “spot reduce” the fat on your body without surgical help, having a strong core won’t necessarily translate to six-pack abs.

How You Can Increase Your Chances of Getting a Six-Pack

Getting a six-pack is hard, but many people still manage to do it. If you’re determined to get defined abs, here’s how you can go about making it happen.

First, take a look at your diet. Is it helping you get leaner, or hindering you from achieving your goals? The old saying is true; abs really are made in the kitchen. Losing body fat is the number-one thing you can do to make your six-pack more visible, and your diet is the main thing that determines how much body fat you carry.

Exercise is secondary to diet when it comes to getting a six-pack, but it still matters. Regular cardiovascular exercise will help you achieve a lean, toned look, and cardio is an excellent way to burn a few calories if your goal is to lose weight. Strength training will also help to improve your overall muscle definition, and it boosts your metabolism, so your daily calorie burn increases.

The Takeaway

Getting a six-pack is hard work, and not everyone is able to achieve one through diet and exercise alone. If you’ve been struggling to get the abs you want, consider focusing more on cutting body fat than on building abdominal muscle. Another option is to consider defining your ab muscles through an abdominal etching procedure. This can be a good option for people who are fit and active but still struggle to get a six-pack due to their genetic body fat distribution.

To learn more about an abdominal etching procedure and how to reveal six-pack abs, contact our office today!

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