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Recovering After Rhinoplasty

After youve had your rhinoplasty procedure, you will probably be excited to show off your new nose! However, in order to that, you have to go through the proper recovery time to ensure that you get the best results. Knowing what to expect during this time can help you feel more comfortable going into surgery and make your recovery go more smoothly.

Week One

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure but the downtime after surgery is very minimal. You may be required to wear gauze in the nose that can be removed after a day or two. In the first week after surgery, you may experience minor pain or soreness. Discomfort is common from swelling in the facial and nasal tissues causing congestion. You may also feel mild discomfort in the face due to facial bruising and swelling. After about a week, the cast on the bridge of your nose will be removed.

Week Two

Now that you have gotten through the first week, you will notice bruising has greatly diminished, however, some still experience significant swelling. The good news is, at this time, most patients feel comfortable enough to return to work and school and continue regular daily activities. Remember that, although youre feeling better, you should still hold off on strenuous activity.

Week Three and Beyond

By week three, about 70% of your swelling should be diminished, with swelling completely resolved in four to six months. Because of persistent swelling, the true final results of your rhinoplasty surgery can take six months to a year to truly see.

Over the course of your recovery, you will want to watch for any signs of infection such as a fever or nausea. It is also important that you follow any care instructions provided to you and attend all follow-up appointments to ensure a full recovery.

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